About Us

Iain is from Aberdeen, Scotland and is been in the USA for 2 years now.  He spends his time working on an organic, pasture raised chicken farm and working a couple of other much less interesting jobs to help pay the bills

Rebecca grew up in Toccoa, GA, she studied Geography at the University of Georgia.  Just a few of her hobbies include: sewing, pottery, bread baking, knitting and canning.

Together we are trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible so that one day once we might have enough experience homesteading we can go off and play with the big boys as full fledged farmers.

– Iain & Rebecca


One Response to About Us

  1. Melissa Plaisted says:

    Rebecca–I have enjoyed reading your interesting blogs! So proud of all the neat goals you have accomplished!
    Wanted you to know that I have cousins in Aberdeen. My mother’s aunt and uncle lived there and her father lived in the Shetland Islands. We have visited Aberdeen but stayed mostly in Edinburg. We love Scotland. Bet your wedding was beautiful–both of them!
    Keep writing…I enjoy reading your entries.
    Melissa Plaisted

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