Monday Menu

(one of our winter staple dishes – carrot salad)

This weeks begins my weekly Monday Menu posts where I post our menu for the week with some explanation why we chose each meal, where we got the recipes, etc.  I explained why we love meal planning so much here, and I gave you an overview of our regular routines the are incorporated into our weekly meal plans here.


  • breakfast – Fried egg, bacon [Iain’s homemade from our very own pig!], and sourdough toast
  • lunch – smoothie
  • dinner – roast chicken, green peas, roasted carrots


  • breakfast – homemade blueberry blue cornmeal muffins [with blueberries picked in Toccoa with my momma on a hot summer morning, the blue cornmeal with the blueberries makes for a fun and colorful wholesome breakfast] and half a grapefruit [yay for citrus season!]
  • lunch – Green lentil and curried browned butter soup with crusty sourdough bread [from 101 Cookbooks, also in the cookbook Super Natural Everyday]
  • dinner – garden salad tossed with leftover roasted chicken from Sunday’s dinner, sliced pear [just had it sitting in the fruit bowl, most any fresh or dried fruit would do], toasted walnuts, feta, and homemade vinaigrette


  • breakfast – blueberry blue corn meal muffins again, with more citrus fruit
  • lunch – Green lentil and curried brown butter soup again
  • dinner – white beans and cabbage [the cabbage is from the farm where we get our raw milk, Iain picked it up on Friday when he made the milk run; the recipe is from the cookbook Super Natural Everyday]

Wednesday [we’re tired, halfway through the week at this point – leftovers are our friend!]

  • breakfast – muffins again, citrus fruit
  • lunch – lentil soup again [at this point I am almost tired of it, good thing it’s finished today!]
  • dinner – white beans and cabbage


  • breakfast – cranberry-orange-almond homemade granola [with a few tiny dark chocolate covered cocoa nibs, shh, don’t tell my mom I’m eating chocolate at breakfast!]
  • lunch – garden salad [a remix from Monday night, so a little roast chicken, some sort of toasted nut, some sort of cheese, some dried or fresh fruit, something pickle-y, dressing]
  • dinner – sausage ball carbonara [homemade sausage from our own pig, yum!; recipe from Jamie’s Italy, an incredibly simple and quick, yet delicious dish, it’s seriously so quick, one of my faves]
  • breakfast – granola again
  • lunch – leftover Sausage ball carbonara from the night before
  • dinner – fennel risotto [another recipe from Jamie’s Italy, it’s a great cookbook!]
  • breakfast – homemade waffles in our awesome on the stove waffle iron [it’s small, easy to clean, easy to store]
  • lunch – catch up; not as in the condiment, but as in usually at this point in the week we have leftovers to eat, or have eaten with friends at some point during the week and are a meal behind on our plan]
  • dinner – borlotti bean mole with roasted winter squash [we’re just now realizing that we haven’t really begun eating on our big winter squash crop from the garden that we’ve got in our ‘cellar’; recipe from 101 Cookbooks]

If you’re a blogger and are going to try out weekly menus, post ‘um with us and link up in the comments!  If you’re interested in any recipes or help with weekly meal planning, you can let me know that in the comments too!

Happy planning and delicious eating,


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One Response to Monday Menu

  1. Willene Keel says:

    Question – what’s your favorite/s with quinoa? Cooked some last night and put stir fried peppers & onions over some. Want to use the rest in other ways.

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