Introducing Monday Menus

(Iain’s homemade bacon hanging in front of our spice racks)

Every Monday I am going to post our menu for the week with some explanation why we chose each meal, where we got the recipes, etc.  I’m going to give you a little overview of our regular routines the are incorporated into our weekly meal plans.

BREAKFASTS – Often I’ll make biscuits or muffins for breakfast Sunday morning and I’ll make enough to last a few mornings into the week.  Generally, Iain will have made a batch of homemade granola in the cupboard, and he’ll make more whenever we run out.  I try and always have homemade yogurt in the fridge for granola at breakfast, and for smoothies.  If we ever find ourselves without muffins, biscuits, or granola, we almost always have toast and homemade jam or peanut butter and honey, or fresh eggs (from our henny hen hens).  We also have homemade sausage and bacon in the freezer always (from our own piggy pig pig).

LUNCHES – We often make some sort of soup or salad on Sunday for lunches for the week.  These are usually easy to make, healthy, and rarely include meat.  There are so many different types of cold salad out there, something like pasta salad, chicken salad, lentil salad, quinoa salad, coucous salad… the possibilities are endless and therefore lunches never get boring.

SMOOTHIES – We do smoothies a lot, as they’re a really healthy, nutritious, and delicious breakfast or snack.  We have them a lot on Sundays, when have a relatively late big breakfast and just have a smoothie sometime in the afternoon.  We make our smoothies almost always with the same basic recipe: frozen fruit we’ve frozen when it’s in season (peaches, blueberries, strawberries) and fairtrade bananas bought from The Daily Grocery – since we’re just going to freeze them we buy the ones that are about to go off, they’re cheaper! – homemade french vanilla greek yogurt (I’ll tell you more about that soon), a splash of OJ, and a drizzle of local honey

PANTRY – A well stocked pantry is how we survive from week to week (We’ll talk about what we keep in our pantry soon).  The pantry is so important and will make or break your weekly meals.

BREAD – When I’m too lazy to bake myself, we buy bread from the Granary in Watkinsville… it’s  AWESOME bread for reals y’all, I am so grateful to have such good bread available locally.

VINAIGRETTE – I know it sounds weird, but we always have homemade vinaigrette lying around, and we use it all the time.  It’s so versatile and quick and easy to make.  I shake the following up in a mason jar: extra-virgin olive oil, whatever vinegar I have lying around – I usually make my own herbed vinegars – a quick drizzle of honey, sometimes some homemade mustard goes into the mix, a splash of water, and some sea salt and cracked black pepper.  It goes on everything from sandwiches, green salads, pasta salads, braised greens, bread and cheese, etc.  It’s so nice to always have around, and homemade vinaigrette really elevates otherwise ordinary and plain dishes to delicious gourmet meals.

Do you have a weekly routine or some repeating players in your weekly meals?


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