Choosing Worthy Goals

(stretching mozzarella cheese)

I received a comment on the last post that I felt was a really good question and I wanted to address it here in a post.  I was asked “How do we decide which goals are worthy of our time?”

Choosing goals depends on a myriad of things, where you are in life, what you enjoy, where you live, what you’re missing in life, etc. Singling out the right goals is a key component of actually achieving them.  There are gazillions of things out there that are valuable, productive, and worthy things to do with your time (just as there are gazillions of things out there that are wasteful and counter productive).  Doing a bunch of things half as well as you could (or should) surely isn’t as fulfilling as focusing on a few things and doing them well.

Sometimes, when picking just one or two, I find myself fixating on the multitude of worthy things I am turning down instead of using that mental energy on the goals I have set for myself.  That just makes me feel defeated before I even begin, so I have to check myself and make sure I don’t fall into that.

For Iain and I, the goals we truly succeed at are ones we also have the passion and interest to follow through with.

When thinking about new goals, there are questions I sometimes ask myself:

Would I do this for fun even if it wasn’t necessarily a goal or a resolution?

When I’ve had a busy week will this be a chore or a joy?

Is it going to enrich my life?

Is it something that is going to be something I am proud of myself about? Sometimes things that are worth doing and goals that are worth achieving are a lot of work, not always a joy, and sometimes feel like a chore, but in the end is it worth it?

Does this stretch me and challenge me in a  good way?  Or will it just end up being stressful?

Is this attainable, within reason?

I have to be reminded that setting myself up for failure is not productive.  Not only do I not achieve a goal I’ve put energy and effort into, but failure feels yucky and is discouraging.  It sucks the joy out of challenging yourself and I will often be put off goal setting for the future.

If you’re anything like me, there are tons of good things that appeal to you, but you can’t reasonably do all of them.  There will be goals to get started on now and some that should wait.  In order to pick the goals for now and the goals for later, I gauge whether or not I’m on fire and excited about them.  For instance, I’ve been wanting to bake most of our own bread for a while now, and I’ve had phases when I’ve baked bread somewhat regularly.  However, I’m not really fired up about it lately, it seems like a chore and makes me feel incompetent every time I try and bake a good loaf.  Even though it’s something I want to be able to do, I’m choosing not to set it as a goal right now.  I know later the time will come when I’m ready to try again.  However, I’m all fired up about sewing right now after a small success with making our Christmas stockings.

So, do you have some goals in mind?  Need to think about them a little, maybe ask yourself a few questions?

After Iain and I spend the weekend discussing our goals and making sure we pick good ones, I’ll share ours with you on Monday.


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2 Responses to Choosing Worthy Goals

  1. Jess (Gray) Taylor says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, Rebecca! Keep it up 🙂 I’ve been interested in making my own cheese for a while, but haven’t yet…do you have a favorite recipe? I struggle with making a good loaf of sandwich bread. We just finished our last piece of a store bought loaf though, so I’m giving it a crack again…luckily Ella eats anything!

    • ircresswell says:

      Hey there Jess! My favorite cheese recipe so far is for mozzarella, found here. Yeah, bread is one of those things, I totally have a love hate relationship with homemade bread. Luckily, for the time being, there is an incredible bakery near us that does wonderful bread. Great to hear from you!

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