New Year – Old Goals

Before I get about setting new goals, I like to celebrate some achievements written in our little notebook of goals.  It’s a good way to help us feel like we’ve made progress and give us the gumption to go after greater, more challenging things.  It is a real confidence boost to sit down and see yourself as someone who has actually accomplished your goals and not just someone who talks about them or who halfway attempts them.

Here are a few things we wrote in our little book months ago:

  • First, I wanted to learn how to knit and become proficient at it.  Guess what… I did it, and I have knitted a bunch of stuff,  and I’ve already taught some other people how to knit as well!
  • Another was to get good at dairy: yogurt, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese specifically.  Yogurt is a definite success, I have a recipe I like which I know pretty much by heart, a routine when I’m making it, and it is starting to turn out consistently delicious.  Yay!  Ricotta is close to being at that point, and so is mozzarella.
  • I wanted to can some new things, and I have.  My grandmother even came to my house and taught me how to make apple jelly!  I have plans to do even more new canning this year – including the addition of a jam pan and a pressure canner!  My heart is skipping beats just thinking about all of the lovely harvests that will fill glass jars and stand like little colorful soldiers side by side on our shelves.
  • Iain wanted to learn farming animals free range on a real scale – and he has!  He wanted to learn how to raise, kill, and process a pig in particular, and he did it all the way from head to toe!  Even making homemade breakfast sausage, link sausage (using the pigs intestines for the casings), and cured bacon (see picture above).  Hooray for meat autonomy!

When Iain and I go about setting goals, we want to learn things well and incorporate them into our life so that years from now they aren’t just something interesting we did way back when.  We want these things to become a habit, to be a part of our daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal routine.

There are definitely some failures along the way, but you pick yourself back up and set those goals further down the road when you’re more ready to handle them.  Our bees, for instance, all flew away or died… epic fail.  But one day, soon hopefully, when we learn more, have a better setup, and have more time to devote to them we’ll do right by some bees and maybe they’ll stay for a while.  We just try and keep the fails (and the epic ones especially) to a minimum.  What’s the point in setting a bunch of goals only to not even attempt any of them with good honest effort?

Are there any goals or achievements you’ve made in the past little bit?  Do you need to take a minute and sit and savor the accomplishment?  Do you tend to set goals too lofty or impossible to accomplish?  Do you have goals that you’ve since incorporated into the fabric of your life?  Do you have some goals which are “that was cool back then when I did that” but just don’t do anymore?  Do you wish that you were still doing those things?  If so, how can you go about achieving these goals with long term impact?


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2 Responses to New Year – Old Goals

  1. Susi Doyle says:

    Rebecca, I am SO impressed!

  2. Willene Keel says:

    Thank you for sharing the fruits of your labor and your knowledge with us.

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