New Year – New Goals

New Years Resolutions generally tend to revolve around ideas of self-improvement.  Often they are things like eating better, exercising more, being nicer, reading more, spending more time doing this or that.  I’ve found that resolutions to dramatically alter my status quo rarely have the steam to last longer than a tank of gas does in my car.  Knowing that from the outset, setting resolutions can seem hollow and meaningless.

Someone wise once told me that a year is going to pass no matter what you do with it.  You will be standing at the other end of it having done what you wanted to, or not, but the year will pass and you will get to the end point either way.

And so, in that spirit for the past little bit Iain and I have set down goals for acquiring new skills, or strengthening existing ones, every six months or so.  We don’t always achieve every single one of them to the fullest extent in that six month period.  When we do learn a skill or make progress on a task, in the end when we look back, I think we are immensely proud of ourselves.  The feeling is incredible, to realize that you are more empowered, skillful, and capable than you were a mere 180 days previous.  We write our goals down in a little notebook which we keep expressly for this purpose so that we can go back and reread through our goals along the way, but especially at the end.

We like to think these things through before the new year begins, but often the holidays are such a full and busy time that we get around to it about now, in the first weeks of January.

Have you set New Years Resolutions or goals?  Do they tend to work out for you or do they end up just as hollow reminders of things you coulda shoulda woulda?  Is it time to rethink the whole resolution thing for you and find a new, more meaningful way towards self-improvement?


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2 Responses to New Year – New Goals

  1. Kathy Hooks says:

    Rebecca, your mom gave me the link to your blog, and I am prayerfully thinking about what you’ve said. How do we decide which goals are worthy of our time?

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