Sunday Harvest

We’ve been neglecting our garden a fair bit lately, mainly because it is too dang hot to be out working in it for hours; Iain is always out at the farm in the somewhat cooler wee hours of the morning and I’m too lazy to get out of bed and out there by myself.  Also, it’s been so hot and dry everything is just permanently wilty, it seems.  We’ve been watering a bit, but when the rain isn’t coming, I’m not the biggest fan of drenching my plants with so-chlorinated-it-smells-like-a-swimming-pool municipal water.  Especially since, if it’s not raining, my municipal water source is suffering as well as my garden and everyone else’s.  Much to my surprise, the garden is still doing alright, and if we can make it through the next several scorching weeks, after we turn the temperature corner sometime late August, early September, everything should pick back up again. (Am I talking about myself or about my garden? Phew, it’s hard to tell)

This is what we picked on Sunday, oh happy day, to eat out of the garden!

(That is Iain in the background, checking the England Cricket score, he’s been glued to the cricket, is there such a thing as a cricket-widow? That man loves his cricket.)
Lots of pinkeye purple hull peas, basically just black-eyed peas with a fancy name.  Some beautiful pink and white beans, I reckon they’re borlotti beans, ha, I can’t even remember what I’ve planted in my own garden!  Actually I remember they’re some Italian bean I got from someone in Europe and brought home to grow.  Two green winter squash that are Greek Sweet Red, I may have picked them a little early as I think they grow orange in color.  One Australian Butter squash, one spaghetti squash, some Roma tomatoes, and an onion (which is a happy find because they are all but lost in the weeds and the bean, squash, and sweet potato vines.

With help from friends, we shelled all of those pinkeye purple hulls.

That looks pretty much like a years worth of peas for our house.  With that, the winter squashes, the fruit and veg we’ve frozen so far, we’re well on our way to having food through the winter, woo hoo!

And for just a little fun, pretty much the only flower that has done ok in our flower garden has been this little guy, gaillardia.

Anybody else’s garden doing well?  Have you been putting loads of work into it, or is it just turning out, like mine?

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