What’s in your Fridge?

Caroline, over at The Feminist Housewife, writes a blog that I have been loving for a while now.  She’s a fellow Athenian, although sadly I’ve never met her and know about her only through the greatness of the world wide web.  Anywho, she’s been doing a series on bloggers fridges, and I though I would join her link party!

So here goes, what’s in my fridge… it’s actually kind of bare at the moment, preparing for a huge berry picking party Wednesday so I need tons of room in there for raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries (not to mention the imminent arrival of figs!).

Savory preserves (pickles, chutneys, catchup, etc.) on the top shelf with a very bare cheese box (oo, I’ve got to put cheese on the grocery list!).  The middle shelf is sweet preserves (jams, jellies, butters, marmalades, etc.) with some homemade mustard and fresh eggs from our hens hiding in the egg box.  The bottom shelf includes homemade yogurt (that just got eaten up in a post-dinner smoothie, yummie), sourdough starter, homemade ricotta, a HUGE zucchini a friend gave me for making chutney, a slab of pork belly (yes, you read right, pork BELLY!, it’s mine and my husband’s fave, and a rare treat!), stew beef to make a curry later this week, and three half gallons of raw milk (got to get on the yogurt train tonight!).  The veg drawers are quite bare, but there’s definitely some scary carrots and celery down in the deep dark depths that I’m going to dig out and throw in chicken stock later this week.

While the main part of the fridge looks like a crunchy granola hippy has taken residence in our house, the door looks slightly more ‘normal’.  Iain and I are addicted to OJ (hey, there are worse things to be addicted to, right?), and another necessity, BUTTER!  Some other notable items include yeast (for non-sourdough baking), rennet (cheese, anyone?), and two large bottles of organic lemon and lime juice, way better than those fruit shaped squeezey ones we bought for ages, and a bottle of Elderflower cordial from Britain that Iain’s parents generously brought over on their last visit.  I would drink that stuff like water if I could, it’s the most incredible taste I’ve ever experienced, and I can still remember the first time I had it.  It’s seriously that good.  I can’t believe you can’t get it in this country.  Well ok, you can get it at IKEA these days, but their’s is definitely not as good.

The freezer reveals the season of the year, just past strawberry season, our freezer is FULL of frozen strawberries and strawberry freezer jam, enough to (hopefully) get us through the year. That big grey thing is our homemade ice cream maker tub, it’s awesome, we love it.  And there’s a huge pile of chicken and beef bones that are desperate to be made into stock.

Here we have various homemade cheeses, frozen for later, like Queso Fresco and Mozzarella, various cheese starter cultures, and some Thousand Faces coffee, which rocks my socks when I need a caffeine hit.

One last photo… of the… duh duh duh, chest freezer… scary stuff…

or not so much scary stuff.  A few frozen quiches for my prego sister to have after the baby is born for quick and easy lunches, lots of frozen pecans we’re still plugging though after pecan season, more beef bones for stock, and a few chickens.  We’re never without chicken since Iain works on a pasture poultry farm.  Below the shelf is just more chickens and some chicken and pork stock, I swear, there’s definitely nothing else lurking down there.

Revealing my fridge and freezer to the world (online) feels so weird to me, I feel like my fridge is a very personal (and fought over) space.  Lots of battles are being lost and won in our efforts to consume more local, seasonal, and ethical food and our fridge tells all.  We’ve made obvious concessions, like a constant IV drip of OJ, but we’ve also made some serious victories, particularly raw milk and all the dairy products we make with it.

Hope you enjoyed the fridge tour!


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3 Responses to What’s in your Fridge?

  1. So glad to meet a fellow Athenian! Your house is so freakin cute. And I love finding others who strive for a similar lifestyle! Your fridge looks tasty. There is nothing like fresh berries and fresh eggs. We are going blueberry picking to stock our freezer this week! = )

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