It is now 3 years since we first started dating and we have been married about 18 months of that.  Rebecca is a Georgia girl raised with a fair amount of mountain air in her lungs and Iain is a Scotsman who followed her across the ocean.  We are both passionate about food, both cooking and raising it.  Though we already have chickens, bees and a nice garden we consider ourselves to be novices homesteaders and are still learning as much as we can.  We hope to be able to share our lessons with you along the way.

The House

We bought this home in a flash, both itching to get our feet wet in domesticity, DIY, gardening, homesteading, etc.  Since getting married we have lived in a really small carriage house with no heating, no air, and no yard.  Then we house-sat for someone who had a yard, dog and a garden for six months.  This experience really spoiled us, all the fun of playing house with very little of the long-term commitment, financial or otherwise.

Then came the time to decide where life was taking us, back to Britain (Iain’s home), somewhere else or staying here for a little while longer.  Even though the lure of a new adventure was strong, we decided the time was right for practicing what we want to do in the future and to spend a few more precious moments close to Rebecca’s family before setting off back across the pond for the rest of our lives.

We bought an amazing little old 1950’s two-bedroom house near Athens, Georgia.  The inside was totally renovated in the last few years by someone else, and they did anincredible job.  It has just over half an acre.  This is the story of our attempt at Wholeliving on just Half an acre.

The Dogs

Though we love the chickens and our bees are awesome our real babies are our two dogs.  Pocket and Prairie are both rescue dogs that we were very lucky to adopt.

Pocket is the big sister; she is a mix of a little bit of everything but mainly Spaniel, Australian Shepherd and some sort of Pointer.  She is a scruff ball that loves belly rubs.  She’s the brains of the operation and is full of energy.  Her favourite things are: jumping into the compost pile, wrestling, swimming and getting dirty.

Prairie is our little sweetheart.  She’s a Spaniel Labrador mix, she looks like a black lab puppy but she’s done growing.   She didn’t have a great start in life and came to us with a twitch that she got after being exposed to canine distemper.  She still twitches and is pretty skittish but she’s settled in to our home very well.  Her favourite things are: chicken feet, cuddling, frolicking and dancing (a result of her twitch).

We wanted to start a blog in order to keep track of the progress and projects we did around the house, but also as part of our desire to share the random knowledge and skills we’ve picked up along the way with others.  We feel like the world would be better off if individuals were more conscious about our impact on the world and its people, and moreover if more of us had the skills and knowledge to tread a bit lighter.

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